It’s Within the Heart

Image           New clothes, new bags, new shoes, new accessories, new toys etc.  Yes! For kids including me few years ago, these are the only things that make us happy but when I grow up, I’ve realized and known the true meaning of happiness.

GOD may not give me a perfect life but I know what I have right now is the best plan HE has for me. I have my family; a family that is a problem-proof. Just like some watch, they are not destroyed nor damaged with water because they re water-proof. Even though problems are getting or coming on our way, we are still whole and not broken. I also have friends, my best friends for life who are willing to help, comfort and join me in my ups and downs. Having them is such a precious and incomparable gift from our Lord Jesus Christ.  I’m very happy for having them and being with them. Interminable happiness is not just for fairytales , it also happens in reality. 🙂

Happiness is not all about material things. It’s beyond what the eyes can see. It’s within what the heart can feel. 😀


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